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Concrete Specification

This portland cement concrete specification focuses on Life-Cycle costs rather than first costs. Some highlights of the proposed concrete specification include requirements for aggregate, cement, and mix proportions, which are intended to improve the durability of concrete.

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This is a culmination of years of research by municipalities to discover and prevent the causes of premature cracking and deterioration of pavement, sidewalks, curbs, and storm drainage inlets.


Concrete Durability Report - City of Overland Park

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 KCMMB Concrete Members

View the Concrete Mix Design page or click below for approved concrete mixes by KC Metro Suppliers.

This is detailed proprietary information on concrete mixes and is available to KCMMB Members only in the secure area requiring a password. This website provides a current database for quick reference of mixes and assists field inspectors with verification guidelines for KCMMB concrete delivered to a project site.


View the KCMMB Concrete Members page or click below for a current list of members. 


KCMMB is a general-purpose concrete. Always check the job-specific specifications. Bridge decks differ from concrete pavement. The design consultant should provide a mix design for bridge deck application.